Download Latest Version of Visual Logic (for 2018)

Download Visual Logic.

Below are two options for downloading Visual Logic (for use only with the the purchase of a PIN code.)
When you run Visual Logic, you will be asked to browse to your VLSig file. The VLSig file will provide an electronic signature to authenticate your work. (If you have a USB thumb drive, you can save both Visual Logic and your VLSig file on your thumb drive and then you can run Visual Logic directly from the thumb drive.)

Option #1: Right-click here to download Visual Logic. If you are having problems downloading, you can use a different web browser (such as Mozilla FireFox) or you can get the ZIP file from option #2 below.

Option #2: Right-click here to download a ZIP file containing Visual Logic. You can save the ZIP file to your machine and then unzip the file to get the executable.